M4A1-S Cyrex?

I won a lot of giveaways and i bought the cyrex now its been like 2 weeks still don't got it and i just sent a ticket to gamekit to help me out,its wasn't on stock first time i saw it but i was having...
08.01.2017, 17:36

No points for winning 5 battles

You got to be patient,if you don't get them at all sent a ticket to gamekit explaining your problem here
08.01.2017, 17:29

Don't got my points

Its a shame from Gamekit,i did the quest and waited for like 5 days but don't got my points.So,i contacted the support and asked me to take a pic so a did and then the support escalated the picture bu...
23.12.2015, 22:46

How to get points ?

Like Nugetto said.. go to menu and choice "Get Points" and do the quests.
19.12.2015, 23:50