AltTab wrote on game forum War Thunder
WT vs WoT main differences? War Thunder is WoT, WoW and WoP all joined together. WoT invests in an arcade like gaming, while War Thunder realism. WT does not have non built tanks though it has some prototypes like the Maus. Another key difference is ballistics. There is no hitpoints in WT (except for base bombing). All bullets are accounted and calculated. A tank for example is destroyed after killing all crew or disabling its components. For example a single AP can destroy a tank if in the process can kill the driver, loader and gunner, while smal shrapnells kill the commander. The radio operator will simple evacuate the tank. Other key difference is viewing. There is spoting or not spoting. You either have a sharp eye to find tanks "not spotted" or they will find you first. Arties are bot controled and are offside the map. Can be destroyed if a plane decides to do that. but normally fighters are more worried to fend off other fighters and bombers. And bombers will focus their fire on enemy tanks "spotted" by land vehicles