Thanks Gamekit! Really enjoy your site! Not as scummy as the others :P I actually obtain my prizes, but I do hate the wait :/
  • DeKleineKabouter

    DeKleineKabouter Can you confirm my War Thunder quest please, thanks!

    24.02.2018, 18:23
  • albatrossbird3

    albatrossbird3 hello if u r moderating the star trek i wrote my name for the game sharanmanic it is my name and surname i don't know what is wrong with the gave i gave i am pretty sure i is sharanmanic or sharanmanic 2001 as 2001 was my birth year i had a notification saying i gave a wrong screen shot but can u please kindly accept the screen shot as i still spent my time doing it.Ty if u r reading this message man it will be really help ful if u do accept it as i am trying to gift my bro

    19.01.2018, 22:08
  • Timmy

    Timmy I swear the mods are meant to look at it

    24.11.2017, 12:50
  • Timmy

    Timmy I hate waiting up to 72 hours for the screen shots to be looked a t

    24.11.2017, 12:50
  • GodOfSaiyans 20.11.2017, 22:12
  • see more
Mistakes do happen sometimes, if you feel its a mistake contact me or the mods and resend it. We will make sure you get your well deserved points.
  • Gerhard

    Gerhard Heej can you help me out ? i finished a quest at World of Warships . Uploaded a screenshot , but didnt get the quest yet

    30.01.2016, 14:16
I can finally check screenshots :D Remember to make the screenshot has:
1. Your name
2. Your objective completed
Also, highlighting your name would help the mods a lot if they are not native speakers as they might not determine if they name you registered as will be the same on the screenshot.
If you're checking my profile wondering why your points aren't being assigned here is the reason why.

1. I am a new mod and haven't been told how to check your screenshots
2. I will probably be able to check them in the next couple of days once the admins give me the privileges
  • Poseidon 09.04.2017, 00:20
  • Deathlywatch

    Deathlywatch I have no say in the problem that you are having. I'm just supposed to check the screenshots and see if it checks out.

    07.12.2015, 19:31
  • Brecht

    Brecht Wow so our screens will get accepted in place of rejected
    "due to our anti-cheating policy" ? ;D

    07.12.2015, 18:41