minecraft in 2D?

In some aspects - yes. I spent +200h in this game, it's the best with friends playing together
18.09.2015, 17:22

Changes to the game

I like LoL, but I prefer darker visuals like in DOTA2 - that's what I would change, but I know this is only my personal taste.
08.09.2015, 15:37

Does this requieres a good pc?

I played it on a 5-year-old laptop and it was fine. Not superb, but just fine
04.09.2015, 17:42

Why you recomend this game?

I played for a month or so and get bored - but it wasn't bad. If you don;t like StarWars then this game is like 6/10 - if you're a fan then 9/10 beacause there isn't something similar in star wars gam...
04.09.2015, 17:37

Web guides

Do you know any walkthroughs for this game? Anything that would help the newbie farmer. :)
04.09.2015, 17:24