Posting a comment to notify that I'm still actively using Gamekit to earn rewards. At the moment I have 20$ of steam money redeemed in the past months. 10$ is still waiting..
Just uploaded my Gladi88 default profile picture to here. Had to change the format to 200x200px and also wasted 100pts since the upload cost that much. But I think it's worth it since it's just one time and I'm not going to change it in a near future, so the same profile picture can stay the same for a very long time.
  • Gladi88

    Gladi88 And after I've rated 400 photos I will have 100 pts again that I spent on uploading the picture.

    06.06.2017, 17:26
  • Gladi88

    Gladi88 Having a profile picture also looks more professional than the default gray picture that everyone has.

    06.06.2017, 17:24