Thats good game

Thats actually good one. No for PTS u cant get quest in way!
10.11.2015, 12:43

WTF? Can not login

WTF? I registered couldnt login. Sent new password..couldnt login...registered with same email and played from begining?WTF?
16.10.2015, 09:00

Goal Reach

i waited for 4 days and now there is 0:00:00:00 i will see if gamekit will give me pts now...and i wrote many times to support that nothing in other games..
13.10.2015, 12:38

the 3rd quest in shakes and fdget

nobody knows and who knows dont say..same problem like other games.i also asked reply.i think it is like in other games with lvl but didnt do 3rd quest there yet.. :(
09.10.2015, 11:07

How to join screen?

i dont have this chance too even in other games..and no response from gamekit :(
06.10.2015, 21:51

probleme with gamekit

same for me and gamekit do nothing,i also sent annoucment via contact us..nothing happened
05.10.2015, 10:41