HOW do i get POINTS!

you have to find games that have points listed. then play the game adn wait. if u dont get points for games with points listed then send in a ticket
18.05.2015, 04:18

RP with this web page

yes but its not free. you have to be willing to test out various games and be active in the forums
18.05.2015, 02:20

what is this?

please be more specific. help can not be provided if the staement is vague.
18.05.2015, 02:17


this is an advertisment site. they advertise the game adn ther ejob is to get you to play it. if that means downloading it so be it. they dont care what you have to do to play only that they get you t...
18.05.2015, 02:15

Best tier 10

there no over all best tank at anythign with this game. please be more specific with your question
18.05.2015, 02:13

Shoot rate

and shooting the fastest is a very vague statement. the amx1375 has the fastest fire rate at less then a sec between shots but has a clip to relaod. the e25 has a relaod of 2ish secs.
18.05.2015, 02:11

Shoot rate

e25 does not have the best dpm. the best dpm is a tier 10 medium.
18.05.2015, 02:10

Which tank is better is7 or is4

you really cant compare these tanks. they both have there roles they are better at. the is7 mosr mobile and agil then the is4. but the is4 has a far superior gun and much better side amrour. ' so its ...
18.05.2015, 02:09