What champion is the best ADC champion

01.10.2015, 14:31

Mejor Caster Supp?

Ap "blitz /karma/braum"
01.10.2015, 14:25

stop the AFK report ^_^ when people disconnected

but i'm saying that it not his choose to disconnect from the game the internet in his country so bad ;)
29.09.2015, 14:49

Zed or Yasuo?

i like zed but yasuo is easy to play
28.09.2015, 22:34

What is your main?

i'm supp so my main is blitz or karma :)
28.09.2015, 14:26

stop the AFK report ^_^ when people disconnected

some people just have a bad "NETwork"
28.09.2015, 14:23

who is the best jungle champ?

28.09.2015, 14:19

RP via Gamekit

contect game kit :)
28.09.2015, 14:07

lulu vs nunu jungle

full ap ulti nunu trick my kill it ;)
28.09.2015, 00:58