probleme with gamekit

this happens to me with some games sometimes as well, when I register into a game and gamekit doesn't let me continue into the quests I just send a ticket (bottom of the page button saying contact us)...
14.10.2015, 01:15

Delete a Champion from the Game

Riven, obviously... what kind of question is this? Kappa
06.10.2015, 14:27

What champion is the best ADC champion

at the moment the top adc's would be vayne kalista tristana lucian and draven imo honorable mentions to jinx and ashe although they suffer a bit more from the high use of assassins associated with ...
01.10.2015, 20:26

Marksman updates items

There's speculation at the moment of a supposed marksman item update similar to the recent juggernaut item update that should be coming soon just speculation but I wouldn't be surprised since from ...
30.09.2015, 23:10

who is a better support

both supports you mentioned are good for different things. if you are facing a poke support (imagine a sona support on the other side) soraka will be better because she has a lot of sustain so even...
30.09.2015, 23:00

stop the AFK report ^_^ when people disconnected

you should consider it someone's responsibility of making sure his connection is capable of working properly for the game... If it happens once or twice a month those reports will likely not affect...
30.09.2015, 03:27

Low Elo Morde

Kind of hard to say but I wouldn't risk it and I would ban him. Thing is in lower elo most players will probably not know exactly how to handle playing against morekaiser (kiting him and not full o...
26.09.2015, 09:44