Time Remaining 0h 0m 0s

I had that bug too, but after a few hours it expired and the time was running down from 72h to 0h again!
22.09.2015, 02:58

Haveupgraded war university

which building was it to upgrade?! my screenshot is denied every time...-.-?!
21.09.2015, 23:23

Finish the quest

Take a screenshot, while you are in the view of your village (where you can see the new build embassy). Press STRG + Print, open a new Project in Paint (or any other Drawing-Programm you have) Press S...
21.09.2015, 11:59

Time Remaining 0h 0m 0s time was running out yesterday, too, and still no answer or points...-.-!
21.09.2015, 11:54