Hey, I'm a noob...

You need a good mouse. After that, a good aim. U need to train in order to have that. At last, u need to learn to use the weapons you play best with
11.11.2015, 09:04

why people say: Urgot is the worst champion on the game?

I piss on those players! Urgot is a really fun toplaner to play. It's true that it is a little hard to play and at the begining it seems like crap, but i guarantee that it is pretty good once you play...
11.05.2015, 23:53

Zed or Yasuo?

I think they're both good and also difficult champions to play, but in my opinion yasuo is a better choice
11.05.2015, 23:51


I am still lv 28 :(( Hope i get in gold or at least silver until this season ends
01.09.2014, 23:48


It's a fast scout. At the begining of the round you go spot the enemies and after 3-4 mins you go to kill arties
25.07.2014, 10:58