Probably these are some of the best picks in the current meta: Kalista + Thresh, Tahm Kench, Morgana Tristana + Alistar, Tahm Kench, Janna Sivir + Alistar, Thresh, Lulu Ashe / Jinx + Tahm ...
26.10.2015, 08:49

blitzcrank tank, top or supp?

Support - AP tank
26.10.2015, 08:26

FNATIC or KOO Tigers?

KOO Tigers have more experience and the current meta fits best the Korean teams.
26.10.2015, 08:25

How to get PTS

Contact the support, they will fix it guys! ;)
07.10.2015, 07:29

How do I take a screenshot?

The easiest method it to use the Print Screen key (PrtSc / PtScr / PrtScr) on your keyboard, then open a image editing program (like Paint or Gimp or PS), paste it there, and save the file. If you ...
07.10.2015, 07:25

What is war university?

@douwe265 If you know that you've done it properly, then contact the Gamekit support to fix it. Sometimes this might happen!
06.10.2015, 10:49

Embassy quest

@h.luda Yes this might happen, you need to log on into your Gamekit, go to your game, press play, and just make sure that the Gamekit frame is loaded in your game browser tab, because usually it is...
06.10.2015, 10:44

Quest 3 - The Tower

@Pee I did write to the support, and they validated for me after the second upload.
02.10.2015, 09:59

Screenshot rejected

Make sure you have the Gamekit frame/border activated in your browser's window. Usually it is blocked, so fix it and then send your screenshot.
02.10.2015, 09:21