Give Aways

Does any1 know if gamekit is going to put RPs in giveaway like the steam cards?
14.11.2015, 22:54

i want buy 1580 riot point help me

worse than not seeing the exchange in the shop is that after u get the points and try to exchange it appears a page in white and u cant do a thing. it seems like a scam but idk...
31.10.2015, 11:20

Store failing

Can some1 from out of north america go to lol shop? Coz i cant, even the only one which seres to all servers. Do u know how long it will take to fix the shop?
26.10.2015, 18:25

What is the best adc champion atm for you??

I think vayne is the best although i play more with tristana xD
25.10.2015, 22:56

I cant change my PTS into RP??

The 1st two exchanges r unable to do it. Why? idk but i'd like some1 to explain
18.10.2015, 18:10

Exchange error

Can some1 explain me why the 2 first exchanges aren't working?
17.10.2015, 02:08

Register fail

i cant get my acc recognize. pls fix this
10.10.2015, 14:47

with who champion was your first penta?

I never got a penta... they stole from me or i die xD
03.10.2015, 22:24

question 1

But does it need to be yours?
01.10.2015, 22:47

register fail

i already resgited on this game but it doesnt recognize as i did. how can i do it?
19.09.2015, 17:02