lf wrote on game forum Travian
Travian says my account doesn't exist You may need to contact the travian support team. I've experienced this issue as well upon returning to the site. I'm also unable to register a new account, no matter what browser or email I use, and when being told to answer a captcha, no matter how many times I solve it, I receive an error message saying I didn't do so. Registering and logging into the game seem very bugged.
The final quest doesn't have enough time Well, turns out I got lucky. The game has been down for maintenance a few times in the past few days, and I was given gifts as an apology for the downtime which gave me enough items and boosts to be able to achieve the final quest! I still think the amount of time may be a little too short, as I only just managed to get in under the wire based on the luck of receiving compensation gifts for downtime and having enough time on my hands to keep doing extra things to collect resources. So maybe it was still worth my making this thread.
lf wrote on game forum Soul Calibur
So ummm this is messed up For games such as this where the levels come incredibly fast - meaning you could very, very easily miss being on the level required for a quest - it absolutely should not be punished to be ABOVE the level required. Especially given that this game's default setting it to autoplay. Very overwhelming. Being even one moment too late can ruin the entire task. Doesn't seem right.