I’m doing the challenge but it’s being denied I also have trouble with the armory. I sent a picture of the whole screen, showing my name and the barracks. Denied. I suppose because the barracks wasn't singled out. Very well. Took a picture of just the barracks taking up most of the picture with no other buildings. No luck. I guess it wasn't labeled and didn't seem obvious enough. Fine. I sent a picture with the barracks and showing barracks above the building plus a queue of soldiers coming up just in case of any doubt it is indeed a barracks. Still nothing. I'm out of ideas.
Reach account level 9 I fully agree with inqntrol on this one. If people thought the grind in Shadow of War was over the top and pushing people towards loot boxes, this is on a whole different level. You have to grind day and night, and even when I finally reached the level of 9, I still haven't gotten my points. It says it will automatically check it, but I still haven't received it after several hours of sleep. Worst of all, it forces you to play like an imbecile. Victory does not give you nearly as much points as racking up kills, so people will be working together to complete the objective which you have absolutely no interest in and you go lone wolf against several fighters with no backup for the sake of getting points. Bad objective all around.