Then dont give riot points

İ ordered too many riot points and make too much question for them my orders doesnt come passed 40 days i search forums and i see they write samething to everybody they try to make people give up and ...
12.05.2019, 15:34

40 days and none of the riot points

you are not 7 lwl?
04.05.2019, 12:57

my orders doenst come

my orders date is passed and i want to learn when can i get them or i cant???? please give me information about this can i get exact time when can i get my rp.
04.05.2019, 12:56

i am waitng but nothing change

i am waiting for 24+ hours and my points and xp dont come i can send screenshot it can be better because this system doenst work how many hours should i wait and if i did something wrong i will wait m...
10.04.2019, 20:13