Quest 6 Completion $5 card = 2899 points $10 card = 5299 points quest 6 = 4000 points This means if you don't have that $0.54 cash on your OpenBucks account from previous gamekit quests, and aren't willing to spend the $0.54 cash, then you're actually better off skipping quest 6 entirely.
Quest 6 Completion buying 1000 gold from the shop costs $5.54, the $5 OpenBucks card will leave you $0.54 short. I had some leftover OpenBucks credit on my OpenBucks account from previous quests, which covered it, but this won't be the case with everyone. Also note, you can't use the OpenBucks card to buy the $4.99 starter kit that includes 1000 gold, as the store won't even give OpenBucks as a payment option for that.