Is it pay to win? I'd played this game back when Warframe was still picking up. The devs have done an amazing job improving upon this game. It even won Steam's Labor of Love award last year. The term "Pay to Win" isn't as subjective as some want to believe. It's often overly used *incorrectly* by people who are just too lazy to put any work into a game, and assume that paying would be faster progress. Every game out there has some form of premium shop or subscription, because, guess what? The devs actually have to make a profit somehow. Crazy, right? The game industry actually runs on money. Wow. Mind blown. This game isn't pay to win. The premium subscription simply adds a feature that many beg for in other games: the option to spend less time grinding when you have a busy schedule. Grown adults play video games too, but may be too busy to spend months grinding for gear. But not having it doesn't kill the fun. Some people do have the time, and enjoy grinding for gear. This game is whatever people want the game to be for them, and that's the whole point of gaming. If you want the game to be fully sustainable, you trade mats for plats. It used to be that you had to hit up trade chat and sell old-school, but I'm not sure if they changed that, since I haven't looked into that yet.
Gamekit Quest I've now seen that the quest for Blade & Soul has disappeared yet again. Did I run out of time? Not from what I'd seen last. On all my quests I had about 10 days to complete the leveling. It was within a good window, so I dared to feel comfortable. If anything, I'm beginning to think that I triggered some kind of anti-cheat system. But there's absolutely no reason to cheat to level fast with any NCSoft game (makers of Blade & Soul). I leveled quickly because I know that in most Fantasy MMORPGs, if you just follow the main quest as a new character -- easy leveling. There's absolutely no excuse for the quest to have disappeared, because I leveled quickly enough to reach the next quest. If anything, I feel as if Game Kit is unhappy with me making such regular progress. It's been 4 days. I hardly call that quick. I've heard of players hitting max level in games like Blade & Soul in a week, so I'm actually taking a slower pace.
Screenshot rejected for different name, but... Well, unfortunately people do make mistakes. As far as fairness goes, if we have 5 different tasks going on at once, is it really fair to not allow us to keep track of the usernames we used? Not being able to view our own history is rather unreasonable. "Fair" is open to interpretation when it conflicts with ease of use in this service. More people would be open to utilizing this site if more features aided us rather than forced us to drive blind.
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what it's the best race I've played the game on and off for a few years. There's really no race that's better. Both races mirror each other. It's almost as grey as Skyrim with Stormcloaks vs Imperials, in that it's up to your choice. I've seen that many who've played Elyos for awhile enjoyed playing as Asmodian. Both sides have to fight the Balaur. There's been a very recent update that's changed a *lot* about the game. So if this ever pops back up for Game Kit, a lot of guides everyone may find through searching may not apply anymore. But I'm happy to help anyone who has questions. I have an Elyos healer that's maxed on one of the older servers. So long as no one tries to be a hero and run off during instances, I'll be happy to offer heals. I've just gotta do a bunch of dailies and farm gold for better stigmas and run dungeons for better gear.
What do I need to screenshot to prove I did the tutorial? Update: So, the screen that shows all your decks unlocked, along with the check marks at the bottom, isn't acceptable. I've just uploaded the profile screen, which I'm *hoping* works. If not, then we're just out of luck. There's nothing else to prove that. My guess is the profile screen works, since it has the hashtag number with our username, and that can be easily tracked on Wizard's end.
Quest 1 was denied This might be the wrong screen to choose. I'm hoping mine will get approved, but this is what it looks like when you complete the tutorial The difference in our screenshot is the background is different, and the bottom check marks aren't lit up. They're dark like the background. Hopefully that's the screen they accept as proof, because we can't unlock the new decks until we complete the tutorial. And those check marks are progress of the tutorial.
Gamekit Quest Okay, I finally see the issue here. Some games have a timer, but not all. Thus, I didn't notice them upon first glance. I'm not used to looking for that on a rewards site. Right now it says there's 6 hours. Let's just hope Blade & Soul won't keep disconnecting this time.
PLEASE READ With all of these: create a character before starting the game's task. Take your screenshot, save it (if you used Paint), then carefully spell your nickname while looking at your character's name on the screenshot. You'll never mess up again.
Someone took my name? If you guys are going to comment, offer something helpful. Laughing about a new user not knowing how the service works is unproductive. Protip: Sign up for the game and make a new character BEFORE typing your nickname in to start the game's set of tasks. League of Angles' task here requires you to buy topaz at some point. So if you're trying to gain credits without purchases, you won't complete this 100%.
Level Three I meant to mention this in another thread, but I'll add it here. BDO is very easy to level in with new characters by killing monsters. To meet the level 3 requirement without doing quests, just go kill surrounding monsters first. They're not hard to find.
Nickname issues I know this is old, but for others who have this issue: it's best to start over and name your player character. I've used services similar to this site. Always, always, always name your character the nickname you know will be used in the screenshot. Not all game companies allow you to use the same login username as your character username. While I had issues on B&S, typically it's best to go download the game, create your character, then enter that nickname before uploading your screenshot. Don't level until you see the next task, so that you don't overshoot the required "noob" level.
Gamekit Quest Why would time run out when I never even got to start it? I never entered my nickname, so it couldn't have even started a timer yet. Do some games rotate between available offers and closing the gates? I realize sites like this depend on what the client wants. I just find it odd that it happened to disappear from availability *after* I downloaded the game, but never entered my details. All I did was go to download. I didn't have a nickname to enter yet, because the game kept disconnecting. I don't think it was my internet after all, because after a Google search, I found out the game disconnects on players very often.
Unable to Launch Game. Anyone else? (Omg these captchas are infuriating.) What kind of error are you all getting from trying to launch. Or, what exactly is happening when you try to launch it? "Can't launch" doesn't explain much. I've had programs "blip" for 2 seconds. I've had programs act like I didn't even click the launcher. I've had them start up, then crash-to-desktop. One of the reasons I don't have Windows 10 yet is because I remembered hearing a lot of problems with Win10 and gameplay issues.