Last year(2019)
10$ - Amazon Gift Card was 5699 pts now it costs 17100 pts
$10 Steam Gift Card was 5199 pts now itcosts 15600 pts

Thats amazing inflation after new year.
2019 Year

First order was made in the middle of February.
Since then Recieved:

10 x 10$ Amazon Gift Cards

50$ in Steam Gift Cards of 5$ and 10$

For Fortnite order of 1000V-Bucks, got virtual master card with 10$, spent 5$ of 10$ that I could get Fortnite Battle Pass
Atlast got FORTNITE order. Ordered on 07May2019
Max Order Completion date had to be 28May2019
Order recieved on 29July2019, 2 month later than it had to be according to when I had to recieve it.
A little bit late, but still got that for free. Thanks GameKit
League of Angels

1st Get lvl8
2nd Reach lvl 40
3rd Reach lvl 55
4th not sure, but I think that one was to get VIP in game. To do this quest I ordered 250 game currency in and that cost me about 2.5k of points. For quest you get from 3-6k points and you get next quest that gives I think 6k more points. So in total you spend lets say about 3k and get about 12k gamekit points
5th Quest is to reach lvl100

1st Quest: build Armory
2nd Quest: build Barracks
3rd Quest: build Main Hall lvl3
4th Quest: build premium building for which you are short of in game currency (diamonds).
But you can try one thing.
After you will get 4th quest don't play the game any more. After a week or two I got an email saying that Elvenar will give me 100 diamonds as present for my return. When you get those 100 D you will be able to finish that quest. I saw that email too late, so I failed quest in gamekit.
Good Luck!!!
Dragon Awake

1st Quest: reach lvl15
2nd Quest: reach lvl26
3rd Quest: reach lvl32
4th Quest: reach lvl36
5th Quest: reach lvl42
6th Quest: Spend atleast 2$
Forge of Empire
1st Quest: Get 600 points
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas 3rd Quest: Get 2300 points
    4th quest build 4 Aqueducts (each costs 140 diamonds, and you have from start of the game 300)

    20.04.2019, 23:11
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas 2nd Quest: Get 1200 points

    17.04.2019, 00:30
Magic The Gathering: Arena, Card game - for me it looks very slow, because all matches you play is vs other players, so sometimes I get tired of waiting until they will make a move...
And game has some things to repair too.
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas 3rd Quest: Get 9000 gold. By the way, they approve quest if you have more than 4k or 9k. Atleast they approved when I sent screenshot with 4150 gold.

    17.04.2019, 00:27
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas 1st Quest: Just to submit game profle picture.
    2md Quest: Get 4000 game gold. Takes few days to get that playing for half hour a day.

    17.04.2019, 00:26
Today ordered 10$ Steam gift card and 10$ Amazon gift card. Amazon 10$gift card for 2nd time, because they say it can be redeemed only once every 30 days and last card I ordered on 21st of february and already recieved it.
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas Got some new rewards again. Up to day I recieved 4x10$ Amazon gift cards and 25$ Steam gift cards

    10.06.2019, 16:12
  • tuka.tukas

    tuka.tukas OK, so today ordered again 10$ Steam gift card and 10$ Amazon gift card.
    Since now I recieved 2x10$ Amazon gift cards and 10$ Steam gift cards. Last ones was late for about a month, but still I got them for free. I try to make new order every 30 days, because the rules say I can order these gift cards only every 30 days. So there is time when I have 2 same orders just orders are made 30+ days apart.

    30.05.2019, 05:33