Quest <<<< 5 >>>>

Quest 1 is LEVEL 42? The hell? Seriously why even start w/ that much chance of losing the bonus
11.10.2019, 15:35

Can't Find my User

I made an account on xbox for war thunder, won a air round, and have repeateadly try to get it locked in. Still says "can't find user" Do i have to email? 5 hours left!
03.07.2019, 16:45

Quest 2 screen shot

Yea this quest is broken it doesn't get approved dont waste you rpoints
23.06.2019, 04:03

Quest 2 expiration

Yea i sent the screenshots to the in-game quest thing it got denied, so i sent all 3 to the email still nothig. I don't want to miss it i would've spent the 900 if i couldn'tve got 6000 in return.
20.06.2019, 18:08