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Why is my photo for the shrine of Enar or Prison of the condemned being rejected for being falsified when I bought the £5 elvenar code to build. You have to make sure that you have the URL showing at the top of the screenshot too. You can put the game into its own window so it's separate from other things you're doing online, if you want privacy. So to conclude: - URL - Nickname in game (same as one you submitted to Gamekit) - Required building etc. visible
Impossible to Complete Task 3 I literally just made it to level 15 with 1 day remaining for the quest... Was seriously close to giving up and rage quit a few times because I was hit by higher level players A LOT. However, it is possible! I have two alt accounts, but that was lucky because whichever region you start in is randomly assigned. Being in a good, active alliance can help too because the competitions can earn you a fair bit of resource packs to save up for use just before you put an upgrade on. If any of you are in Region 0 (R:0 X:--- Y:---)and would like a helping hand, I have my own alliance called Night Owls. Feel free to apply to the alliance and move close to where I am, got some powerful friends who will offer protection :)
Quest 3 Completion In one of the other questions on this forum, it was confirmed by a moderator that they will accept a screenshot of your profile. It is the only place where your nickname is visible and you can't get to that screen until you complete the tutorial anyway :)
Quest 2 - Reach level 10 Do they mean command center level 10? It's your command centre - do the screenshot from the world map and if you click on your base too, the pop-up at the right side makes it clearer for the screenshot. FYI though, Q3 is to get to level 15 and it's practically impossible! I am still trying to get to level 12 after several days of saving up the necessary resources and then being plundered by some other f***ing player (usually level 12+) every time I get even a fraction close (3 mil of each resource needed pretty much). So if I were you, I wouldn't bother with this game. It's disappointing, frustrating and highly pay-to-win, which is not what most people want. They want to be able to play a game for free!