Last Quest req

Reply to Cory, This topic is closed and already been solved myself. At first, install Maple Story 2 on steam, then use 10$ steam card to purchase at least 10,000 NX. Then save or screenshot the recie...
15.12.2018, 00:18

Fastest way to level up?

Premium = Doubles Exp per game, Boosters = 10% - 20% can last 10 to 20 rounds/missions. Play as aviator, since tanks are pain. You can get approx 150% - 500% boosters from daily assualt.
07.12.2018, 06:15

Quest 7 is so grindy

I achieved level 12 under 5 days by playing aviator most of the game. Boosters like (10% - 20% exp) are quite useful, premium accounts will give you double exp every game, but it is pricey.
07.12.2018, 06:13

Last Quest question

Buy NX with steam, I do not know how this works but send your confirmation towards 1000 NX = $1
03.12.2018, 09:19

Restart Quest?

You cannot reset quest, but you can delete you're character that has same nickname as you picked on gamekit, and start another character within it.
30.11.2018, 00:39

Last Quest req

Edit1: There is no gift section page that is linked towards MapleStory 2 quest site.
28.11.2018, 06:58

Quest 1 problem

Ok, I understand why my screenshot was denied but, how am I suppose to show my nickname when showing my 5 wins attacking "outpost/players" that is blocking my nickname view?
28.11.2018, 03:03