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Don't attempt Quest 4

Don't attempt Quest #4. It requires you to activate premium which costs 13,000 gems. You will only have 2,000 gems and they are very very hard to get. Especially in such quantities. Up until Quest #4...
30.11.2018, 03:15
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help with usernames

Support page says that there is no way of changing the nickname. I contacted them but... Will they let me change it?
25.11.2018, 22:37
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how d i found rest of the quests?

You have to complete the previous quest. There is no way of knowing the upcoming quests and it is forbidden for you to know them beforehand.
24.11.2018, 20:15
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Dear Gamekit,

Dear Gamekit, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE Make your app available on the Apple App Store. I love you guys and try to be on as much as possible but it's harder to do because I don't use my laptop as often...
24.11.2018, 01:03
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What are the quests?

I've played this game before but I'm afraid that I won't be able to pass some of the quests (Ex: Reach Lvl. 5 but I'm already at Lvl. 10). Anyone? -Thx
23.11.2018, 19:11
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Is this game safe?

My anti-virus stated that the site was unsafe, I quickly abandoned the mission. Is it safe?
23.11.2018, 19:06