Diamonds Delivery Time Longer Than Mission Time

So for the last mission, it requires an amphitheater to be built. I checked the Gamekit shop for diamonds and was going to order some, but the time it takes to deliver says 3-4 weeks. This is a proble...
15.08.2019, 08:30

Quest Number 4

I can understand your gripe. I get annoyed too when I have to pay for my mission completions. Companies pay gamekit to advertise their game, and games end goal is to make money to be sustainable. I pe...
10.08.2019, 22:59

Is there any..?

You just gotta keep doing quests. Especially if they're worth a lot of XP they are worth doing. Q3 isn't worth it for the pts. Just let it pass and do the next quest if you have to (Which doesn't requ...
10.08.2019, 22:51

How do we show 5 wins?

Mine was declined from showing just the main menu after completing the weekly 5 game challenge.
10.11.2018, 02:45