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Quests not appearing This would suggest that the script file that is supposed to contain the point values and screenshot upload macros hasn't been written, or hasn't been uploaded yet by the site admins. In a way, a visual glitch, but not on the player's end. More like the admin responsible for the upload had a personal visual glitch of not noticing the forgotten upload. At any rate, the game has expired for me and is no longer available... unfortunate loss of points. No idea when I'll be able to make a go for it.
John wrote on game forum Crossout
What are the quests? All the quest lines on this site assume a new/first time user, since the quests are meant to introduce players to different games. Part of the whole ad sharing venture. Influencing more players to try out stuff by offering incentives, and the developers get more ad service, new player bases and revenues while paying Gamekit for advertising their content. So all the quests start off with starting a new account for the game and starting from the beginning. Advantage for you, having played this, is you'll know some of the ways to level up faster and finish the quests sooner, so once the quest pops up, you'll be able to get them done and out of the way. Just make a new gmail and compstomp the game for easy points.
John wrote on game forum Crossout
Can't activate the quests Same issue here. I've been seeing the game pop up with the "Earn free pts" side bar and I just saw it come up on the main Earn Free Pts page with 5:30 left to go, but no updates after starting the download. Hopefully it clears up soon without losing the quest line.
PSA for quest 1 Thanks for posting this. I was about to post an omnibus guide on getting all the quests now that I got the completion reward for the last quest, but now that you posted this, I'll just add on to this. The 2nd quest calls for gathering 1500 gold, and the final quest is for 4000 gold. Exact amounts are not required. Just have at least the amount needed in the quest, take a screenshot of your profile page, as it will have both your gold total on the top of the page, as well as your character nickname and send it in. I delivered a screenshot with 1550 gold and succeeded on the 1500 gold quest, and I delivered one where I had 4800 gold, and got the completion for the 4000 gold quest. Best of luck to all wizards, this should be easy. Keep in mind, you do not have to win matches anymore. Simply complete the reward requirements that display each day on the bottom of the Home Screen, the rewards that have you do something like "Cast (x number) of blue or white spells" or "Kill (y number) of red foes" and save up the gold rewards from those. Naturally, the easiest are those stackable tasks, like having a quest where you "Cast (x number) of red or black spells" and another quest where you "Cast (y number) of red spells." Simply pull out your red fire deck and you'll get credit for both tasks at the same time since both tasks include red spells. It's possible to get over 2000 gold a day, so in 2 days, you're set. Just don't buy any card packs.
How do you get a screenshot in this game? Since the quests were changed, for just completing the tutorial, and then for gathering gold, all that can be demonstrated in the profile page. You can't access the profile page without finishing the tutorial, and the Gold you collect is visible in the profile page. Just make sure that the profile name is the same as the one you used here in Game Kit. The # and numbers isn't required.
5 Wins for first challenge @rikuzero1 Just focus on the profile page. Technically, having two pages pasted side by side is considered editing the page, so now that there is a way to do the quest with one shot, they lop off the other half of the screenshot in review, which probably means they cut off the profile name side.
Thank you for changing the quests All quests were changed, I'm guessing. 1st quest changed from 5 wins to completing the tutorial, from the impression I'm getting. The 2nd quest had been 15 wins, but it changed to 1500 obtain 1500 gold. I'm not sure what the 3rd quest had been since I didn't reach it before the change, but I'm assuming it changed to match the new theme of obtaining gold. Need 4k gold for that. They really listened to us.
5 Wins for first challenge It's confirmed, I got the reward for an approximate value screenshot, so as long as you get a little over 1500 gold, you're set. Last quest is for 4k gold, which can take a few days since you'll need a few different rewards to reach that point, but there's plenty of time for it
5 Wins for first challenge Getting exactly 1500 gold may be a bit of a challenge, since the only packs you can buy for gold cost 1000, and there aren't many gold rewards. I just sent in a screenshot with 1550 gold, so I'll see if that is sufficient, since I have seen rewards by completing requirements that ended up a little higher than noted in the quest.
5 Wins for first challenge So, at least from what I can see, they changed the 2nd quest to collecting 1500 gold. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the imbedded comments I put in my screenshot, cause I noted that I pasted the two screenshots while showing the gold total in both to verify that both shots were from the same account. Whatever the case may be, it should now be easy to just win 1500 gold and take a single screenshot of the profile page, since it still has the Gold you have on hand.
5 Wins for first challenge @silvercentry After the tutorial, in the main page, there are several rewards on the bottom, with coin rewards or card pack rewards. One of the rewards involve winning 5, 10 and 15 matches. Getting the first of those rewards is enough proof for the first quest, and getting the last one, 15 wins, should be enough for the 2nd quest.
5 Wins for first challenge Amazingly, my screenshot was accepted and I got the reward. So it is first 5 wins not including the tutorial, and the rewards element for the 5/10/15 wins is sufficient to demonstrate proof. Once you get the first reward, you can screenshot that, then take a screenshot of your profile, showing your user nickname, paste them side to side in a single file, then send it in. Of course, they never responded to my notes in my original shot, but they never do. The username you put here in gamekit does not need the # after the name, fortunately. Next quest on the list is 15 wins for 2k points, 300 exp and there are 17 days and some hours to complete it. Just get the 3rd win reward for 15 wins, and that should do it.
5 Wins for first challenge 2 days later and they're still reviewing my screenshot, and 3 days have passed since the latest delivery time for my $10 steam card. They must've closed this whole extended weekend in observance of Armistice Day today. This might be a record for longest delay that I've observed.
5 Wins for first challenge I just went all out. I took a screenshot of the Home page with weekly rewards highlighted to show 5 wins, took another screenshot of the profile page, pasted both of them side by side in paint to show that both had the exact same coin total, then wrote a couple long notes in them complaining about how they didn't think this through since it's impossible to get the wins and nickname in the same shot, then very carefully explained to them what I was showing in the pasted together shots. Finally, I named my file "MtG 5 wins_IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOW NICKNAME AND WIN WITHOUT 2 SCREENSHOTS_" If that doesn't make this clear, I don't know what will, and this game is hard enough with all the experienced players with lots of opened packs and epic cards that a beginner can only get by spending money, or through a very long and painful grind. If this is the mess we can expect for the rest of the quests for MtG Arena, then it's not worth trying for the rewards.
the last quest of loa 3 Gamekit even started advertising the points for topaz offer to finish the final quest... funny thing is, my last quest expired over a month ago, long before the offer was even available... lame timing. I don't even get a chance to finish the offer cause Gamekit opened the quest much earlier for me :(
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Broken game It's incredible, just a few hours after I wrote this, the Fiesta support team did some fixes. Looking at some posts here, it seemed like the game was abandoned, but maybe there's hope yet. Just finished the tutorial/lvl 4 quest. Who knows, maybe they even came over here and read the comments. Would be smart of them, since there is a partnership here.
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Castle Level 20 are you kidding me? Realistically, it takes more time to do the lvl 13 quest then it does to do the initial lvl 11 quest, even though the face value numbers and rewards suggest otherwise. That's cause of scaling. It takes 4 to 7 days to reach lvl 11, 6 to 10 days to reach 13, and anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to reach lvl 20, depending on how you use speedups, gather resources, and how aggressively you fight. Yet, the exp and points values don't scale to the same level. The level 11 quest has the best time to point ratio, with the lvl 13 being a smaller reward, with less exp, but the lvl 20 quest is horribly behind. Scaled up, it should've been a 700 exp and 8000 point quest, and lvl 13 should've been a 400 exp and 4000 point quest. All in all, even the level 13 quest isn't really worth the time, and lvl 20 definitely not. But at least lvl 13 is casually achievable in the time limit, lvl 20 requires a serious grind.