4 days left, almost level 7 - is there enough time?

For the record, I didn't even come close. Spent some time earning free golden eagles to get a premium account and help make leveling easier. Barely made a dent. The game is just such a drag. You h...
13.04.2018, 15:14

Game Disappeared

My third quest just went through and the game disappeared. Not showing quests anymore on the game page. Similar happened with Panzar. I started downloading the game, then went back to Gamekit and...
13.04.2018, 15:03

Quests not being checked automatically

Been close to 24 hours. It says the quests are checked automatically, but that obviously isn't true. Now I'm paranoid about whether or not I put my username in wrong. How would I ever even know?
11.04.2018, 22:48