Level 10 before you can access profile

You start the game out at level 10 but quest 1 wants level 5. I'm gonna turn it in anyways and hope for the best normally GK is pretty good about this sorta thing.
22.09.2018, 03:14

reaching vip level 2

I have to agree, the point reward isn't worth making a purchase. Plus it looks like you only get one VIP point per day, so it would take a week on top of a $5 purchase in order to finish the last que...
19.07.2018, 01:03

Bot never registered my progress, quest failed

I played several battles with two different tier II ships. It never registered. I sent a ticket in but normally those take a few days to get a response. I don't know why you guys are using a bot li...
10.06.2018, 01:09