I'm Xandy, a small youtuber with 15k subscribers, I make CSGO videos and site videos. If you are interested you can search "XandyGamer" on youtube. (btw I'm Brazillian, so you may not understand my videos xD)... Thanks, have a nice day!
  • jubileu

    jubileu como chega no level 7

    09.01.2020, 20:56
  • Wayne 14.11.2019, 01:03
  • João

    João ei mano tu pode me ajudar a pega level 12 ow 15 ? como faz

    12.11.2019, 03:07
  • juhh

    juhh haha you wach porn

    03.11.2019, 06:57
  • Andre

    Andre Xandy pode me ajudar ganhei um giveway gift card da steam random fui colocar o codigo deu ivalido oq eu faco?

    02.11.2019, 21:05
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Hello, I'm a small youtuber called Xandy, I make CSGO videos on my primary channel, Gaming videos on my second channel and Music videos on my third channel.
Btw I'm Brazillian, you can visit my channel if you want :P

Thanks :)