Quest 3 is a bit too hard

Hi rikuzero1, Sorry that you feel this way, but we can't change it currently. I would advise you to play the game more and focus on only leveling up the palace, and only needing to meet requirements t...
24.01.2019, 18:24

Help with quest 1

Hi Player_07306, Please check if you have entered your name into the site. Also, don't forget to enter a screenshot too. As they aren't automatic quests, it can take up to 3 days to confirm. For quic...
24.01.2019, 18:19

How do I recharge topaz?

Hi! You might be able to get it from here: If not, you can use a different payment method to get it. You can skip the quest if required, but you wil...
24.01.2019, 18:14

What is this

Hi! You can get points from any tasks you see on the main page here:
23.01.2019, 18:55

when do i get my pts and lvl?

Hi It takes up to 24h to check if you have completed an automatic task, make sure to refresh the page and check if you have entered your name.
13.01.2019, 09:52

Why don't I have a quest for this

Hi, If you don't see the quest try refreshing the page. The quest might not be available for your region or is temporarily unavailable. hope I helped :D
13.01.2019, 09:51

i cant past quest 1

Hi, It looks like you have taken the screenshot wrong. What you need to do is exit profile overview, go into the Hub World, and press F1 (function key on your keyboard), on there, you should be able ...
07.01.2019, 16:41

Entered wrong account name

Hi, You can contact support at and they can help you with this issue.
05.01.2019, 13:04