Using Money?

Hi Trake, You do have to pay money for the quest but you will get more back in rewards on Gamekit than what you paid, it is worth it :)
17.02.2019, 22:58

League Of Angels 3 Topaz Code

Hello, It has not yet reached your maximum completion date, which is the 20th of February. You need to wait up to then to receive your code, sorry
17.02.2019, 22:55

Phone number verification issue

Hello, Please make sure you have entered your phone number in correctly, and that your country code is correct, you may need to remove/add a '0' at the start of your phone number (after the country c...
17.02.2019, 22:53


Hi, There could be many reasons this is happening some of them may be: -Your WiFi is having issues -The game can't function because it may not have permission by windows firewall -Your have select...
17.02.2019, 22:47


Hi noahbigbook911, You can find your character information by pressing "c". It will have your nickname and the required stats :D. If you want faster help, you can go to our Discord here: https://disco...
13.02.2019, 22:39

can't find my user name

Hi Ali, You have possibly entered your name incorrectly. Please confirm by contacting support at We may be able to help on the discord here:
13.02.2019, 22:34


Hi Farthest, If you have to submit a screenshot, then you need to submit a screenshot to the website. If it is automatic you may not have entered your name correctly, but it will take up to 24h to con...
13.02.2019, 22:32

Time to Accept?

Hi Jason, It should only take around 24 hours to accept your screenshot, but the maximum time is 72 hours. Hope I helped :)
09.02.2019, 10:53