problem with quest 1

Hi Diesal, You need to ensure that your screenshot is full screen. Also, the web address bar must be showing, if you don't know what it is: it's that. It must be part of yo...
04.04.2019, 21:18

Who, Brazil?

Hi Luiz, There are many applications you can use to find players looking for other players. I recommend you use one of them as they're great!
04.04.2019, 21:03

How to battle other players?

Hi adber04 (and everyone else confused), You need to go further out until you find enemies where the invincibility shield has ran out. You could use the zoom out function or drag really far. There may...
04.04.2019, 20:54

My screenshot

Hello Adam, It takes up to 72h to confirm your screenshot, although it really shouldn't take too long. They will normally be checked during working days (Monday-Friday). Good Luck :D
26.03.2019, 20:28

Problem with my order

Hi, I'm really sorry but many orders are going past their maximum completion date. Just hang in there! Hope you get it soon :)
26.03.2019, 20:26

Quest 1 was denied for my account

Hello Tyler, Your screenshot has been denied as you have entered the wrong nickname into our site. You need to contact support to rectify/resolve this issue Best Wishes!
26.03.2019, 20:20

Is this a mistake?

Hello There, I'm really sorry for the confusion, but the 2 screenshots were accepted by mistake. You can no longer do the quests as the name is different from the one you entered when you started. A...
23.03.2019, 16:57

e normal ?

Hi Gabriel, I'm really sorry to hear that your order is nearly 1 month late. We are currently experiencing delays for loads of orders. This is because our supplier can't keep up with the volume of ne...
23.03.2019, 16:48

Remove level

Hello Semnet, I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to achieve a high enough level. You can persist in doing tasks on the main page. If you've already done them all, I'm sure there will be some co...
23.03.2019, 16:43

Riot points did not come

Hello Mert. Currently, there are delays on many orders. We're sorry about this. Hope you get it soon!
23.03.2019, 16:35