Out of stock

Hello, Currently, we have a high amount of orders which need to be fulfilled. This means that no new ones can be placed. Keep checking back to see if they return, but I can't predict when. :(
05.05.2019, 14:36

Ordered a month ago

Hi There! It should only take up to your maximum completion date. If this is the issue, feel free to contact us on Discord here:
05.05.2019, 14:35

can we earn points from it

Hi Greg, Sorry, not at the moment. I'd recommend completing other tasks since it's highly unlikely there will be a quest for it.
05.05.2019, 14:33

Completing quest 4

Hi Thomas, You should be able to find it here: If not, you will need to use a different method.
02.05.2019, 20:35

Request for help about pts

Hi Adem, The first reason why your screenshot was denied due to it not being full screen. I recommend using lightshot to get the image saved after pressing the "PrtScr" button on your keyboard. The s...
02.05.2019, 20:31

My nIckname Is already

Hello 4Slayer, All you need to do is create another character with a different, more original name. Please make sure you have entered it correctly into the site as it can cause problems if you don't. ...
17.04.2019, 18:32

you don't accept my quest

Hi, There could be many reasons to why this has happened. You need to contact support at: Before submitting, double check how your nickname appears in-game with what you have...
17.04.2019, 18:31

13 characters nickname !!

Hi there, Please contact support at: In the future, I'd recommend using a shorter name and double checking how it appears in-game with what you have entered. Good Luck :D
17.04.2019, 18:27

How much xp I need to get lv15 on gamekit

Hi Garibaldi, Unfortunately, we can't tell you the exact amount. If you complete all the tasks on your main page, then you should get close to level 15.
17.04.2019, 18:22