quest 2 help

Little late, but I'm sure you've figured it out but for others, the parrot is in the middle area where you spawned, so if you're looking at that sign, its directly behind you.
08.10.2019, 16:19

You add trove now?

Could create a new account to get the quests done if you wanted.. lol
04.10.2019, 20:09

Is there a purchase of game stones?

Erica, if you look at the options to buy with, some of the rewards you're able to purchase can be used on this game as well. For example the paysafe card you're able to get, you can use paysafe to pay...
25.09.2019, 21:32

so last quest is 1500 points for 560 gold purchase.

Yeah I messaged them about this too because thats some BS... but mine is quest 4 for 300 gold for 1300 points. Which isn't worth crap. Give me $2 for $10 min in a purchase.. its laughable.
29.08.2019, 02:42

not engouh cash for upgrade

Extremely late response.. but you earn cash by completing orders... I.E.. Taking Grain to the City, or Cattle back to the City. Click the city and it will show you what they need / what they are payin...
25.08.2019, 03:22

Im Mad At this fake website

You don't just get level 15 on the game and then come back to this site and assume it auto did it for you. You have to submit the screenshot on the quest page within this site, then they will confirm ...
05.05.2019, 17:58

this game is stupid

In all honestly, the Silicate is probably the easiest to get. Save up tasks for resources, get to a spot where you can hit some players who don't play anymore. Create an Alt account to farm later. Thi...
15.04.2019, 01:58

Ridiculous Quest 5!

Max base level is 20.. so impossible to get level 40... Has to be hero level, but even that is ridiculous... and with them not accepting the $4.99 packages for quest 4, you have to spend $10 to do thi...
07.04.2019, 01:02

Quest 3 requirement change

Beaware... apparently buying the $4.99 packages will not be enough for quest 4... They will require you to spend $10.. as the $5 or more does not apply to the $4.99 packages. Absolutely not worth it. ...
29.03.2019, 22:20