Quest 4 is ridiculous

I have to pay 10 quid on a game i will never fucking play again, even though gamekit get paid to give this game free Advertisement and in return of us spending time to complete these 4 quest missions,...
26.03.2018, 15:23

why is this game on here? its Paytopplay

i don't mean as in forum context, i mean atm its a mission right but the game is Pay2play so whats the quest asking for? am i looking at paying for the game or signing for a free trial?
14.03.2018, 23:16

this game is very bad Must Read

This game is full of hackers so good luck trying to get it done fast, all i can say is you need 5 wins then 10 wins then 25 wins so screenshot them 3 only and you could complete this very fast
03.03.2018, 16:50

is this game worth it?

how long roughly does it take to complete the quests for this pacific game?
22.02.2018, 17:25

Hi there, are you still playing this game?

Hi so i just wanted to make this Thread to find out which community members are still playing this game. so to start this off all i really want to know is. 1. what level you are 2. what faction...
22.02.2018, 16:42