Getting Points My apologies, I was wrong about that. Without my glasses I thought it said 90 - and it being called "points" when hovered on - made me think it was the points we needed. The part on how to get them is still correct I believe, but not what they are... Yeah. I'm confused on that part too now.
Getting Points Points are in the top-middle of your screen - under your current age. Taken from the official Forge of Empires forums: "You get 1 of those points for every 50 "battle points" (not battles, each troop you defeat in battle earns you a certain number of these battle points, PvP towers show you have many you earned, plus you can see how many you got at the end of each fight). You also get 1 of those for every 300 coins or 300 supplies you produce. You also get a number of those points for everything you build in your city, but lose that amount when you tear down the structure. How much you get depends on the structure. Generally, the more costly the structure is to build, the more points you will get for it."
Well... This feels barren right now. Only 4 quests are available to me - Three of which I don't qualify for and the other is point-neutral. ($5 for $5 worth of points.). Hope more gets added soon.