Suggestion for shop

I'm wondering, you guys sell knifes, expensive and cheap skins, keys, cases, and the game itself. But where is the Music Kit? I looked up on opskins and the cheaps kit cost about under 2$. What do you...
04.02.2018, 22:42

Quest two should have more days added.

So here I am spending gems to get to level 10. Took atleast a day and a half. After blowing all my gems, reach level 12 through those 3 days on quest 2. The more you level up, the more xp is takes to ...
04.02.2018, 18:18

Quest expired during examination period

Same thing happened to me. It gets accepted if you posted it before the time ends. The x will turn into a check mark when It does get accepted.
03.02.2018, 04:09

Tip for quest 3

Same. Stuck at lvl 6 with 20 hours remaining and the quest book disappeared right when I hit lvl 6.
31.01.2018, 04:21

Need Help.

This game is so confusing that I don't even understand the tutorial. How do you check grade levels? How do you earn xp? How do you even pass the tutorial?
21.01.2018, 16:49