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how to skip the quest? Personally I would try and send in the quest to see if they will allow you to slightly overlevel on the quest first. If it gets denied you will just have to wait for the quest to expire and then after that you should have the 2nd quest. Best of luck~
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please help me Hi Metoděj, please send a support ticket at and add the order number of both of the orders and support will sort out the order and try and send you the gift cards asap. Best of luck~
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Builders club reward Depending on games you play or how hard you work at it, you should be able to get it within a couple of weeks if screenshots are quick. If you work hard or play multiple games at once you can realistically finish a couple weeks from registering to the site. Best of luck~ PS: I recommend doing a bunch of browser quests at the same time as after you finish one game and submit the screenshot, you can immediately do another one and when you finish the screenshots will have been validated.
Quake Quest didn't work Hi Linty, I am sorry that your quest may have been misinterpreted. Please refrain from using that language from now on, but can you elaborate more on the problem or send me the screenshot that you took and I can sort this out.
The first quest: Is it broken or have I messed up? If you can create a new account with the exact same name then you can restart the quest, but sometimes we allow for some over leveling. I think your best option is to create a new account with the link and then email support to ask if they can change your nickname for Star Trek Online to your new one. The thing is, you cannot do this if you have already sent in a screenshot. If you cannot do these things, you will have to wait until the first quest expires in order for you to do the next quest. Best of luck! :)
Mods are really silly? Hi, im afraid due to you becoming overleveled, you are no longer allowed to complete the quest. This is to prevent users from afk-ing or altering a screenshot in order to receive their prizes, which we count as "cheating". I am sorry this has happened to you in the game but we cannot take responsibility for this issue and I am afraid you will have to wait out the time frame to allow the quest to expire to be able to continue the 2nd quest in the game. Sorry for the inconveneience, MadSlade~ PS: Yes I do realized how the game can seem quite cluttered but there is a way to cancel auto questing and other ways to get around it. Unfortunately we are not the developers of the game and we just validate what the games want the users to do to grow their userbase. Again, sorry this happened to you but you will have to wait it out.
recieving skins reward Hi, the friend request that will be sent to your account should come in within a couple of days into your league of legends friend request page. Please accept the friend request from the bot asap and your skins will be rewarded within the 5 business days. To make sure you don't miss the friend request, you should check your league account everyday.
Quest Rejection Hmm, I believe that this quest had some weird ways to show your profile level and name at the same time. If I can recall it should be shown at the top left by clicking something but sometimes there is something blocking the view of the level or profile name so you will have to get rid of that.
character name already taken What do you mean? Did you already input your nickname into Gamekit when it was already taken? If so, please get a new B&S account nickname/create a new account for it using the link, and then contact support here: requesting a nickname change to B&S and add the desired name and existing name. Thanks and best of luck.