How do I cancel or refund an order?

I had my order cancelled and points refunded by sending a ticket to support just a few days ago. I told them I just got a skin shard of the reward I ordered and was it possible to refund my points or ...
02.01.2018, 23:40

skin of choice

It has to be in the shop for them to gift it to you, so be careful when ordering skins that only are in the shop for a limited amount of time, i.e. holiday skins, etc
23.12.2017, 18:00

Gamekit is absolute BS

I've had that happen with a skin before and had 2 other issues with point rewards, but send a ticket in because they have corrected every ticket I've sent within 3 days after they give the first respo...
12.11.2017, 23:27

Question about the Mystery Skin reward

I don't have an issue, it was only a question because at this time on the NA server they are not selling Mystery Skin boxes, only Mystery Icon and Mystery Ward boxes. And I thought gifting can only be...
12.11.2017, 23:17

Question about the Mystery Skin reward

If rewards can only be gifted for what is currently in the shop, how does getting a mystery skin work if they don't sell them in the shop at the moment? They only have mystery Icon and mystery Ward bo...
11.11.2017, 15:01