how do you do the first quest???

i keep uploading a picture of the main menu with my name stonzey#2934 and it keeps getting rejected, can someone explain what i do to make sure it doesnt get rejected?
10.11.2017, 23:25

HELP! I put in the wrong name!

I hope that it isn't too sensitive but my name on Duelyst is StoneFist with no spaces, but the one i entered was Stone Fist which has a space, are the names very case sensitive?
27.09.2017, 06:34

How to get rid of already submitted images?

I sent in a photo of my lyonar kingdoms as a level 5, but i read the forums and i guess i'm supposed to send in one with my username which i ultimately forgot about, so please tell me how to get rid o...
27.09.2017, 06:30