Misson 1 broken for me For your first statement, Gamekit will always take your nickname even if it's wrong because they don't know it. The username you use to log into a game account is not the one that you ever use in the nickname spot before u see the missions for the game. Always get into the game before you put the nickname in because the name you see in game that identifies yourself is the one you use. as the nickname. Also, the first mission is to get to lvl 2 so you can talk to the support about accidentally over leveling and getting your nickname wrong.
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS QUEST?? It really isn't Gamekit's choice. Normally, the game decides how much it's worth and the time because they just want the advertisement. Also, if you can buy things in the game with irl money, it helps the game if you are pressured to pay for the game so they will (not very often I have many games with plenty of time) sometimes give you little time.
Quest 4 passing Not exactly sure how it works but I think you should contact the support and present them with your issue. I think they are the ones who can get you your points and xp for situations like this but if a mod checks this thread they can verify or not verify this statement or call it out to be wrong. I would try in the mean time.
what is quest 3 and 4? I played a different game and the last mission was also much more. The reason it was much more was because the way you completed it was from using the in game "super currency" that you had to buy. It may be that mission 4 requires you to use gold(which costs money in this game).