Happy Holidays everyone!
I am excited to have reached level 15 & well on my way to possibly getting a copy of PUBG.
Need to reset Quest/Change name. Thanks, I tried to go under Help section, My Tickets but there is no place to submit ticket. It took me a bit of searching around to figure that you have to use the FAQ and click the tiny blue link at the bottom that says Contact Us. I love this website but there are minor things that could use tweaking and more active Moderators etc.
Tefen wrote on game forum Imperia Online
What do I have to screenshot? I opened up my player info and the Town Hall so it shows both my player name and the Military Research tab that shows the University at lvl 2. Hopefully that is also acceptable. I'll update when I find out if it gets accepted or not.
Tefen wrote on game forum Naruto Online
Screenshot Submitted - Quest 1 1st Screenshot was rejected I'm guessing due to the screen being dark so I took another screenshot that should be clear enough and is 100% unmodified. Thank you very much for e-mailing me and letting me know that it wasn't accepted and thank you even more for giving me a 2nd chance to submit it!