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I need help I had to go into my browser history and go directly to the page I'd been on last night. Otherwise, it asked me for login information which I did not have because I didn't sign up for an account (it never prompted me to last night, just tossed me right into the character creation screen).
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Over leveled Double click on the screen to cancel autopath. Also, they understand that certain games straight up skip levels because it's so easy to gain xp, so they usually accept screencaps if you're only one or two levels over. Not so much if you go waaaay past the goal.
Attack me, I'm done. Because it requires a large sum of rubies to complete. It would take too long to earn them (longer than the time limit on the quest), and I can't afford to purchase them. All 4th quests require premium game currency. If I could afford to buy premium game currency, I could afford to buy games and wouldn't be using gamekit to get free games lol
Not enough time? Probably, if you stay on top of everything. I have a job and a family (which means not much spare time), so I'm probably going to fail the 3rd quest. I just reached lvl 19, but I've got less than a day to get to 20. I don't see it happening without using my rubies. But you apparently need a ton of rubies for the 4th quest, so I'm trying not to spend them. I wish someone would say how many rubies you need.... maybe I have enough that I can spend a little to speed things up.
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Quest completion Since all the goals are for low levels, it's not difficult to meet them if you create a new character. If you put in the name you've already used - don't delete your character and start over. Just go to a different server and make a new character with the same name.
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Please help on third quest? It says "town hall", but I think it means "main hall" because there is no town hall. Click on it, then click the upgrade tab, then upgrade it all the way to 3. It will take hours. Not sure how many in total, but it takes about 3.5 hours to go from 2 to 3... so make sure you have plenty of time left to complete the quest. :)
I've started creating Gamekit guilds/clans/etc in every game I play. I title them "Gamekit", so be on the lookout for them. We can help each other out, in game. If you find a Gamekit guild in a game, and it's obvious I don't play that game anymore, and you want to take over leadership, please let me know! My usual game names are Hanii, Iibui, and Lyric. Also, if you can't find a Gamekit guild in the game you're playing, create one! The only time I don't make one is if it requires VIP or something.
I think i'm dumb I don't even know how to tell what level I am... It says Lieutenant (4) by my name after the first two missions... the tutorials on the ship and in space. I click up there and it shows me that lieutenant is level 2... so I don't know what to look at!
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I feel dumb I realize this is an old entry, but I'll post a reply for anyone else that has this same problem... You can make more than one character. Make a new one and put THAT character nickname in here. Unless, for some reason, you still put in your high level nickname, despite already knowing you were too high level. (Why would you do that, though?) If that's the case, delete that character and start a new one with the same name. If you're not willing to do that, you may be able to have support change the name you entered to a different one. Otherwise, you're screwed. lol