A question I will ask you how you can get the Insignias, because I asked this question because I am new to the page and I do not know how you can get the insigrias. Please can you tell me Necestito help.
Hello to all the people who are watching this, I talk about a problem that I have on a gamekil page.
I wanted to enter this page https://gamekit.com/war-thunder/#goal and play play for free, and it does not let me enter the page I do not know why.
And sends me an error page: https: //gamekit.com/war-thunder/0101010101/
And this tells me the page that gives the error.
We're down for maintenance
We'll be back shortly

Can help me please, and this page did not let me in for many days.
  • benjaminrayment8991

    benjaminrayment8991 You know a person who works in the support of the page.

    28.06.2017, 17:51
  • Fokal

    Fokal Please report this and contact support.

    27.06.2017, 08:13