Not have my points Hey Sweg: GameKitEARN FREE PTSREDEEM PTSSURVEYS111 pts Rewards+15000 pts for referralCart Redeem PTS Rewards Order no. PREPA-**** Return to gifts Date of order: 21.03.2020, 03:04 Summary Finished Prepaid Mastercard €15 26999 pts *************** Copy the code 1. Go to , enter the Digital Token you got from us and click on 'continue' 2. If you already used PrepaidDigitalSolutions in the past, just login with your previous account 3. If it's the first time you are using PrepaidDigitalSolutions click on ‘Add new card’ 4. You will be asked to enter your name and address because online shops require this information with the use of a credit card 5. Select the option 1 "Virtual Mastercard" and confirm 6. Save (or print) the card number, expiration date and CVV of the digital card 7. Use your Virtual Mastercard to shop online In sum:26999 pts Payment:26999 pts Doesn't work, the company told me you have to send in a dispute since the code is already taken and your moderators keep telling me to contact them but they told me it's your problem
So someone hacked my account and used all my points, I want an answer Gamekit.
  • Craig

    Craig Help! they have my personal information, can I get a reply? have you had a data breach? has everyone's personal information been comprimsed?

    27.03.2020, 09:20
Hello Gamekit, still awaiting the reply from my Steam Gift Card I never received and the 3 messages you haven't replied to
Ordered my GTA V and I received the code back in in about 8 hours. I was pretty surprised.