Legion wrote on game forum Brawl of Ages
Important to all who enjoy this game (Quests inc) Yeah. Ducks. I like wat thunder n kept playing b got higher level now wont acceot it saying i had it before gamekit which is crap. I learned about n installed it thru gamekit. Flawed broken sysyem. Dont waste your time. Unrealistic quests for tiny rewards. Basically yiu put in 6 or 8 hrs of gaming n get minimum points. Not even enough to make a purchase. Rewards should be higher. Closer to $10 or so otherwise u will spend months tryin to earn a $20 steam card n then only possible if they add new games
This is crap. They say my screenshot is different from my log in name. No its not. Look at it. Its the sane account. This place is a joke. Soend all your points on giveaway n never win. Low payouts for extraordinary tasks. Stupid. Im done n im gonna tell everyone on my YT n twitch n twitter not to do this. What a waste of time