Everything is now triple expensive. We don't like it because we almost lose almost all our hard work. I am Gamekit member since 2017 and i work very hard and i play alot of heavy games to make PTS like around 26.000 PTS. Now my PTS are worthless because now all "Rewards" is triple expensive.


Q1: Why Gamekit update all rewards as triple expensive?
A1: Because they got alot of order and they want to stop that. But i know it's still useless update. They try to block ordering spams with this bad way. They just need to add more gift cards. For example, 4$ Google Play Gift Card before 2799 PTS. The 4$ is not much for me. Some mobile games requires more money. So Gamekit needs to add 10$, 20$, 50$ and 100$ Google Play Gift Card. But, we need old Gamekit system. Nobody want to spend 8399 PTS for a just 4$ Google Play Gift Card. Otherwise, nobody going to use Gamekit anymore we guess.

Q2: Why level system is removed?
A2: Because some people doesn't want level system. And sadly when they remove level system, they make all rewards triple expensive. We hate that.

Q3: Would you like to become a Gamekit Moderator?
A3: Gamekit is now hard platform. What i mean by saying "Hard Platform"? I mean now all rewards is triple expensive and it makes you hard to get rewards. But still yes i want to become a Moderator to help people. Some people probably still stay there.

Q4: What about getting a job in real life to earn money?
A4: Hmm... Well all i can say, if you order 4$ Google Play Gift Card for 8399 PTS, you have to wait 3-4 weeks or more to get this. But also if you get a job in real life and you work on for 3-4 Weeks, you probably earn under 100$.
Question: Erdem why your posts always old on GameKit?

Answer: Because here isn't Facebook but GameKit have a little bit Social media stuff like sharing posts... xD
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    27.06.2019, 02:22
I'm collecting my PTS points. Because that's important. No need to spend it right away. I'm thinking about spending it after I've more collected it. So far I don't spent PTS for any game before...