• Heath

    Heath @dunneeks3 games come and go, ive been here a while

    14.04.2019, 16:52
  • dunneeks3

    dunneeks3 you have played 58 games on here. Where do you find every game because i find only 10 lol.

    12.04.2019, 16:23
  • borazanmh

    borazanmh Hi, I have a question. I am doing War Thudner mission 2.
    Task is Win 7 battles. what does it mean?
    first task was about win 5 battles. So, Should i do 2 more wins or +7 wins?

    15.11.2018, 19:01
  • Heath

    Heath nani?

    15.10.2018, 13:53
Heath wrote on game forum Black Desert
Why level 3? Whoever made these quests most likely played the game in a way that got them to level 3 exactly. I would send in a screenshot showing level 4 if you can as I imagine you aren't the only one with this issue and your screenshot should be accepted. If it isn't, contact support and explain the situation to them.
Heath wrote on game forum Skyforge
Jumped from level 1 prestige to 4 Normally we accept screenshots that are a little above the requirements of the quest. However, If you find that it gets rejected, send a ticket to our support and explain the situation as I doubt you are the only one experiencing this issue. If you need to contact them, here is the link to support - https://gamekit.com/faq/
Heath wrote on game forum Warframe
Rejected Quest The whole purpose of Gamekit is to introduce people to games and getting these games exposure. We can't just give you pts for just happening to have an account already. If you wish to complete the task, you will have to make new account and complete the quests with that.
I got bamboozled One level over the requirement shouldn't be a problem! :) However, if the screenshot is rejected, I recommend contacting support here - https://gamekit.com/faq/ and explaining the situation. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine though :)
Heath wrote on game forum
Paysafe In The UK Unfortunately, paysafecards aren't available for us in the UK :(
Heath wrote on game forum 4Story
WTF canceled all my orders Feel free to re-order anything that was rejected, it should arrive shortly. I'm not completely sure as to why everyone's orders were rejected but it has sorted out the long wait times. You should receive orders within 72 hours now :)