Multiple account Hello, androidpack6. Deleting your account will not allow you to make a new one. It will only make it so you can no longer use our service. If you still wish to delete your account, you can contact support at for this.
Not have my points Hello, Craig. The only thing you can do is contact support at and keep talking to support there. I have no power over ordered products. Keep discussing the issue with our support and they should be able to find a solution.
Picture not clear Hello, Kelsea. You seem to be using a weird method to screenshot your game. Please try doing Windows+PrintScreen to capture the whole screen if you are on a Windows PC. If you are on a Mac, please try Shift, Command, and 4, and select the full screen.
SwegSquirtle wrote on game forum
league of legends 1380 rp Hello, Halle. Sorry for the delayed response. However, your rp offer on the site should be available for the listed region on it, which should be the same as where you live. If this is not the case, please contact support at for help.