Gamekit bug World of warship quest Hello, perfectkicker12. I can assure you that Gamekit is not a scam. The fact that you cannot get the name to work could be due to not using a new account made through our link or following the directions included on the task page. If the issue was simply that a place to enter a screenshot was not showing up, it could be that the game automatically checks tasks right now or that there is a bug. If there is a bug or you cannot get the nickname to be accepted, please contact support at for help.
SwegSquirtle wrote on game forum Elvenar
how do you complete quest1 Hello, timm. Your screenshots were denied for not showing the link at the top of the page. Please make sure you take a screenshot of your whole screen and are playing the game on a PC browser, as you were instructed to do.
quest completion rejected Hello, nonie. Are you taking a screenshot of the whole screen? If you are doing this on PC, you should be able to see the whole browser. The notifications you have gotten have told you this. Also, if you are on mobile, you will not be able to complete this task.
So, about the "win 5 battles" quest Hello, spyboy71. Any pvp gamemode should work for this task. Also, you only needed to create your account through our link. Automatic tasks should be verified within 72 hours. If they are not verified within this time, please contact support at for help.
I overshot the quest Hello, fluffy55732a. Sorry for the delayed response. It looks like none of your screenshots were rejected for you being over in points. Please remember to check your notifications on the site so you can see why a task was rejected. If by chance your notifications did show that you were overleveled, please get back to me.
Scam or Ligit Hello, Mojib619. Sorry for the delayed response. The wait time for screenshots just depends on how many screenshots need to be checked at the moment, and who is available to check them. Our screenshots are checked thoroughly by real people, so they will not always be able to check them extremely quickly.
War of thunder Hello, Evette. Sorry for the delayed response. There is no way to change the name that you entered on our site, but you can contact support at for help. There is also a chance that it might let you reenter your name for this game if it is not found.