last quest Hello, benkmilyassin95. You should be fine as cropping will only cause the screenshot to be rejected. However, you should be more careful in the future. Remember not to share your password with anyone, and you should probably start using different passwords. You can change your password in the account settings page on our site.
Quest 3 not fair Hello, Mr Robo. Payment tasks such as this one are only optional and they are a way of giving back to the developers who support us. On almost all of these payment tasks, you will receive points of a value higher than how much you spent.
SwegSquirtle wrote on game forum 4Story
Honkai Impact 3 Hello, Chewy. I would recommend contacting support for help in this situation. You can contact support at for help It is also important to note that there can be a wait time of up to 1 month for Android tasks due to limitations by the developers.