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Increase Quest 3 Timer! If you play the game alot like i did i got mastery rank 3 in two days (Because i had to wait a day to get mastery 2) but it really isnt hard the best way to do it is sell stuff you got to level 30 and get new things and get them to thirty, You can also kill things that gives you alot of points and so does scanning things
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Do not play this game If youve played any MMO like world of warcraft you would understand how hard it is to level but thats the fun part. this game hasent lagged for me once since ive played it. If you really dont want to play it just leave the game in the background and afk and let it play by itself
how to get "stars" You get stars for finishing games, The more you do in the game the more stars you get. Depending on which ship you use the stars go to that ship and don't carry over to other ships, There is also another "star" system called "exp" which you get very little of in a game if not any which you may be referring to as that most of the time does not change. To check the stars you got on that ship from the previous game once at the "port" look on the left middle of the screen and it should talk about the recent game and will show what youve earned. You can also look on the "tech Tree" on the ship you used and it should say it at the top right. Hope this helped <3