SKT1 Camille

New Quests based on Prestige Level, not prestige points.

We recently changed the quest goals to reflect your overall prestige level instead of your points, due to complaints of it being to hard to get exact point requirements. Thank you and good luck with y...
06.12.2017, 02:24
SKT1 Camille

How to properly take screenshots?

As long as you do not crop any of the game you should still be fine, just make sure the quest objective is clearly visible.
28.11.2017, 22:39
SKT1 Camille

Leveling up

Adding friends and doing quests, even quick and easy ones, will make you level up.
28.11.2017, 22:37
SKT1 Camille

Screenshot Declined

You can still do the quest if the screenshot is declined, just resubmit with the quest objective visible, preferably through text. Contact support if you are still experiencing trouble.
28.11.2017, 22:36
SKT1 Camille

The time limit is not fair

Fun fact about neverwinter, its not like other grinding mmo games, as you increase in level the quest exp rewards also do, just click every quest that has an exp reward and you should be good in a few...
26.11.2017, 07:46
SKT1 Camille

is this site fake?

Crossout if I remember correctly is checked automatically by the company, so it may take more time than the games we check ourselves. They will come, just sit tight.
25.11.2017, 21:33